Low maintenance, cost effective Fascia, Soffit and Gutter Replacement from Renov8 has never looked better!

Renov8 are specialists when it comes to protecting your roof from the elements and when chosing to have your Fascia & Soffits Replaced Renov8 really do excel.

Why Should You Worry About Replacing Your Fascia & Soffit?

Your Soffit Boards, Soffit and Guttering play a vital role in protecting your property from the adverse weather the affects us by offering protection to your roof rafters by enclosing the roof structure.

Traditionally Soffit has been constructed from wood or asbestolux or cement fibre boards that requires regular maintenance by painting or specialist coatings on a 1-2 year cycle which most of us neglect to do leading to damp and rot ingress which can become a serious problem.

What are the benefits of Replacing Soffit & Fascia?

The main benefits of Replacing Fascia and Soffit with Renov8 is that we can offer you a full guaranteed solution to your Fascia and Soffit Replacement with a complete system installation.

  • Low Maintenance – Requires an annual clean
  • Strength & Security – Our Systems are as strong as timber and positively fixed
  • Rot Free – Our uPVC Soffit will never, ever ROT!
  • No More Painting – our uPVC Soffit will never require painting

Replacement Soffit Options

uPVC Soffit Boards are now manufactured using superior plastic that are hard wearing and long lasting as well as attractive and cost effective.

Your new Soffit Boards can be supplied in a variety of colours and styles to truly transform your Roofline.

So how do we actually carry out Replacement Fascia?

We erect our own mobile scaffold system when necessarry or in some instances will need to arrange tube and clip scaffolding, which we are happy to arrange for you free of charge.

Once we are upto your Roofline we will inspect your roof for any signs of wear and tear and report back to you our findings as we do really care about your property! We’ll then remove upto 3 rows of roof tiles to expose the roof underlay and if required we will remove defective roofing underlay and replace with a high performance membrane and new roof battens.

Once we have removed all the existing Fascia, Soffit, barge Board and Guttering we will then inspect the roof rafters and repair any rotten timber and apply Cuprinol timber Preservative to all exposed timbers.

Once we have installed all the required supports the Soffit, Fascia and Guttering is then replaced with new hassle free uPVC Fascia, Soffit and Guttering.

Need Help Chosing? Just Ask, We’re Here To Help!

We know that chosing your new Fascia can be extremely confusing with so many different options so why not give us a call or send us an email and we can help you chose a door thats suitable.

Case Studies

Replacement Fascia, Soffit & Guttering Installed in Yeovil.

Renov8 Home Improvements we’re contacted by a local home owner who required a free survey and quotation to replace their Fascia, Soffit and Guttering as well as down pipes due to signs of rot and deterioration.

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Replacement u-PVC Windows and Doors supplied and installed in Sea, Somerset.

Renov8 were called upon by a domestic homeowner who had recently moved to the county and required the supply and installation of new u-PVC Windows as well as new Doors.

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Bespoke Conservatory Designed and Built in Yeovil, Somerset.

At Renov8 we like a challenge, and this Bespoke Conservatory certainly did propose a challenge as nothing like this has been constructed before and is completely Bespoke!

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New Rosewood u-PVC Windows installed in Martock, Somerset

Our customer in Martock, Near Yeovil was sick and tired of their money literally ‘Going out the window’ with their existing timber Windows leaking heat throughout the winter and wanted to replace them with new energy efficient A Rated Windows.

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Replacement u-PVC Windows & French Doors near Yeovil, Somerset.

Renov8 Home Improvements we’re recommended to our customer in Limington from a previous customer that we had carried out the installation of new u-PVC Windows and after inspecting our work

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Finlock Gutter Removal and Replacement Yeovil, Somerset

Renov8 Home Improvements were instructed to carry out the Removal and Replacement of a failing Concrete Gutter System which was causing internal Damp issues posing severe health concerns to tenants.

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