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Conservatory, Orangery or Extension?

Conservatory, Orangery or Extension, What Should you choose?

In this day and age it is often cheaper to improve than move with space at a premium you may be looking at your options and considering on either a conservatory, orangery or extension.

So what are the options, the benefits and most importantly the costs?

Every month we are asked this question by home owners looking to improve their home and add space, which is where we offer a full range of versatile solutions, that will do all of the above and more.

Lets start with Conservatories

Conservatories make great spaces for chilling out and hosting guests with the light airy feel due to the combination of either poly carbonate or glass roofs and walls of glass combined with french doors or bi folds that really bring the outside in.

With careful design they can be usable spaces all year round as but may be a little warm in summer months and cold in winter months with out the installation of additional heating or ventilation.

Our modern Conservatories can be made from either uPVC, Aluminium or Timber and all materials enable us to create versatile shapes and sizes to suit your exact requirements.

As conservatories don’t usually require planning permission they are generally a cheaper solution to Orangeries or Extensions, but maybe aren’t what you are looking for.


So, whats the difference between a Conservatory and an Orangery? well a conservatory generally incorporates around 70% glazing and 30% walls where as orangeries generally have a lot less glass, usually a flat roof with a roof lantern or similar and generally brick built walls with large windows and doors.

So why would you choose an orangery over a conservatory? well they are more usable all year round as they are built using similar methods to house construction with highly insulated walls and roofs that allow them to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer but also flood light into the room.

Generally orangeries are limited to single story height only so are not often suitable for additional upstairs living spaces.

Orangeries make great additional living spaces in instances such as open plan kitchen/ diners or instances where the outside is to be used in conjunction with internal living spaces.

Generally orangeries will require planning permission and due to the nature of construction typical costs are higher than conservatories. Our orangery Prices start from £18,000 incorporating Bi Fold Doors and Large Roof Lanterns.


Extensions offer versatile solutions extending your home with either a single storey extension or double storey extension, but can be very expensive with planning permission, structural engineers and architects costs incurred before the build is even started.

Extensions offer the same usable rooms all year round but can lack that light airy space you require, although we can install large bi fold doors and big windows where required to help gain the benefits of light.

Extensions will generally cost you around £30,000 for a single storey extension and £45,000 for a double storey extension.

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